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Nature of ELM
 ASCEND Special Course: Reducing cardiovascular risk in diabetes Medical Press IMPIndividual
 Signalling: New Approaches to Inflammatory Diseases MedicalIndividual
 Highlights from ACR 2018: Current and Future Perspectives in the Cytokine Signalling Blockade MedicalIndividual
 UEG Online Course Faecal Microbiota Transplantation European Gastroenterology (UEG) UEGIndividual
 ISN Academyhttps://academy.theisn.orgNephrologyInternational Society of Nephrology (ISN)EPlatform
 The Academy for the Advancement of Aesthetics: Collagen-stimulating Fillers and VenereologySiyemi LearningIndividual
 Evolution of Treatment Pathways in the Advanced Prostate Cancer Continuumété Internationale d’Urologie (SIU)Individual
 Diabetes Knowledge in Practice Module 8 Independent Medical EducationIndividual
 Chronic Kidney Disease Mineral Bone Disorder The role of Phosphate and Calciumhttp://www.nephrocareacademy.comNephrologyNephroCareIndividual
 Chronic Kidney Disease Mineral Bone Disorder, Vitamin Dhttp://www.nephrocareacademy.comNephrologyNephroCareIndividual
 Chronic Kidney Disease Mineral Bone Disorder: PTH, FGF23 & Klothohttp://www.nephrocareacademy.comNephrologyNephroCareIndividual
 Chronic Kidney Disease Mineral Bone Disorder: Bone abnormalitieshttp://www.nephrocareacademy.comNephrologyNephroCareIndividual
 Formación on-line en el manejo multidisciplinar de la Hepatitis C - Introduction and Module 0www.formacionhepatitis.comInfectious DiseasessemFYC (Sociedad Española de Medicina de Familia y Comunitaria)Individual
 Personalisation of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) care HealthIndividual
 The BORN module (access via button 'BORN module')GastroenterologyProf. dr. Jacques Bergman, on behalf of IWGCOIndividual
 Core Module 2 "Breastfeeding" - Unit: The Practice of Breastfeeding Munich / Early Nutrition AcademyIndividual
 ENeA Core module 2 “Breastfeeding” – Unit 1 Current Knowledge of the Benefits of Breastfeeding Nutrition Academy (ENA) / LMU MunichIndividual
 MRI Promripro.ioRadiologyMRI Pro Pty LtdApplication
 URO GAP Module 2 Symptoms of lower urinary tract (LUTS), benign prostatic hyperplasia in the geriatric patientwww.urogap.comUrologyLOKI & DIMASIndividual
 Formación on-line en el manejo multidisciplinar de la Hepatitis C - Module 1www.formacionhepatitis.comInfectious DiseasessemFYC (Sociedad Española de Medicina de Familia y Comunitaria)Individual
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