Working groups

Learn about the various working groups that are driving progress and making a real difference in our field

The EACCME® is constantly exploring and developing new policy and activities in the field of accreditation and has set up various working bodies to achieve this goal.

This is how the EACCME® Taskforce developed new criteria for the accreditation of E-Learning Materials in 2009 and updated the criteria for Live Educational Events in 2012.

The EACCME® Taskforce was subsequently replaced by the UEMS Governance Board on CME-CPD in 2015. This group developed the EACCME® 2.0 project which led to the implementation of the new EACCME® platform and the recognition of CPD-CME activities.

The UEMS Governance Board has now been replaced by six EACCME® Working Groups that are currently working on the following subjects:

  • Expansion of recognition of professional qualifications
  • COI forms and involvement of industry
  • Collaboration with other healthcare professionals
  • Development of a training module for reviewers
  • Assessment of needs of participants and measurement of outcomes
  • New forms of CME/CPD

Each group comprises members of the National Accreditation Authorities, the UEMS Specialist Sections and Boards/Multidisciplinary Joint Committees and European Specialty Accreditation Boards.