Sponsorship items or promotional products which do not meet EACCME criteria

The following are examples that the EACCME team has compiled from applications submitted for accreditation and should not be considered as an exhaustive or definitive list. The EACCME reserves the right to update this list whenever deemed necessary.

Scientific programme

As stated in the criteria EACCME only allows a single page acknowledgment of sponsors at the end of the scientific programme (cf. Chapter XIX of UEMS 2023/07). Examples of acknowledgments, ads and industry sessions and information which are not allowed:

  • Front cover and inner front cover
  • Inner pages in the first, scientific section of the programme
  • In the vicinity of the UEMS-EACCME accreditation statement and logo

Acknowledgments, ads and industry sessions and information may only be published in the final separate section of the programme book dedicated to industry.

Online content

All online acknowledgments of sponsors, ads, industry sessions and information have to be placed under a tab or section dedicated to industry. Examples of acknowledgments, ads and industry sessions and information which are not allowed:

  • Banner/name/logo on website homepage/app
  • Sponsor acknowledgement on the splash/pop-up screen of the app: “Supported by: company name/logo” (product logo not permitted)


Event marketing

All marketing of the event must be free from sponsor content or logo.

For example

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Email campaigns

All communication related to sponsoring and/or industry should be of the sponsor/industry’s responsibility.

Onsite items

As a general principle, all commercial/industry exhibits should be limited to the exhibition area. Participants of an event should be able to attend the meeting without being exposed to commercial material. This will allow participants to only be exposed to commercial/industry material of their own volition.

  • Venue entrance banner
  • Outdoor ads (façade, windows, gates, lift, escalator, handrail, walls, balcony)
  • Ads/company logo on conference premises (except in exhibition area)
  • Company logo on signage/walls/corridors/pillars/lobby floor graphics/e-poster area…*
  • Ads/company logo in between sessions/during breaks
  • Sponsoring of specific items such as lanyards, pens, notepads…
  • Any kind of industry related conference bag insert
  • Sponsoring of specific facilities such as hand sanitizer stations, charging stations, rehydration station and water bottles…*
  • Sponsoring of faculty dinner
  • Congress Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi access/username/password
  • Sponsoring and or branding of awards
  • Multi-sponsorship scholarship

·       …


Branded items must only be available in the exhibition area.

* Except if located in the exhibition area.